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Founded in 2002, Seuic has been committed to grasping core technologies, enhancing technological innovation, providing excellent self-owned brand products, including mobile computers, RFID, tablets, barcode scanners and fixed readers.

Seuic Product Advantages

With highly reliable products and efficient services, Seuic products have been widely used in manufacturing, retail, logistics & transportation, healthcare and other industries. We provide frontline workers more durable real-time data collection tools, helping you do more thereby to catapult your productivity to the next level.

Perform Your Best Working Way with Seuic

With over 20 years of abundant experience, Seuic providing enterprise users with multi-form industrial data collection devices from mobile computers, rugged tablets, UHF RFID to barcode scanners. We are always on the way helping our industry-leading customers improve productivity and bring their biggest goals within easy reach.

What Products Seuic Have
What Scenarios can Seuic Product be Applied to
Enhance the customer shopping experience and thereby to increase your sales
  • Receiving and shipping
  • Picking and packaging
  • Price/inventory checks
  • Order/return & replacement
  • Assisted selling
  • Mobile sales
  • Direct Store Delivery
  • Staff management and communication
Speed up the upgrading of digital manufacturing
  • Picking and shipping
  • Quality management/ inspections
  • Traceability
  • Order/return & replacement
  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing plant floor management
  • Forklift operations
  • Supply-line replenishment
Provide uninterrupted service from the beginning to the end of transportation
  • Picking and packaging
  • Receiving and shipping
  • Inventory management
  • Proof of pickup and delivery
  • Parcel track and trace
  • Put-away
  • Location services
  • Fleet management
Improve patients' experience with accuracy and high efficiency
  • Mobile nursing
  • Infusion and blood transfusion
  • Visiting doctors/home health
  • Laboratory and pharmacy management
  • Medical administration
  • SPD management of consumables
  • Medication/specimen collection verification
  • Staff management and communications
Seuic Product Solutions
IKEA is a global leader in furniture retailing. AUTOID 10 handheld mobile computer is used in inventory management to ensure efficient operation. In addition, CRUISE 2 android touch mobile computer is also used in the logistics management from outbound to distribution, ensuring accurate delivering of goods.
AUTOID series handheld terminal with keyboard are applied in the busiest part of J&T express - Distribution Center to offer efficient & reliable hardware for real-time data collection & uploading.
Digital nursing of real-time "Three Check & Seven Confirmation" help to lighten nurses' working intensity, improve nursing efficiency and reduce the nursing error rate.Evaluation: We feel easy by following all the work with the guidance of PDA.
Feedback from Our Clients
"They are versatile and work with any Android app. Bought them for work to use in IT asset management and it fits our needs perfectly. "
"We use it every day to scan in thousands of packages in our delivery network and we could not be happier with the ease and convenience."
"Great product, perfect for physical inventory in retail setting. Scans all bar codes and transmits via bluetooth quickly and accurately. Priced competitively, great value compared to other devices with similar functionality."
Seuic Guarantee
Full Insurance
Free repair of accidental damage within 2 years.
Screen Insurance
Fragmentation of the external or internal screen caused by accidental fall, collision or crushing.
Battery Replacement for Free
The battery can be replaced free of charge if the capacity drops to 70% within 2 years.
Professional Consulting Support
Product and scheme consultation (professional one-to-one).
Why Choose Us
● Full-Process Quality Control
● WMS&MES traceability control is imported throughout the process.
● Fast Delivery Guaranteed
● Its own production base and quality control lab with an annual capacity up to million units, can ensure the fast and sufficient delivery of orders.
● Satisfaction of Individualized Need
● We provide customers added value by individualized customization, for example, customization in logo, system function, configuration, etc., inline of exclusive APP, etc.
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● Full-Process Quality Control
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