SEUIC Data Collection

Seuic collects data to provide customers with products and services and to operate Seuic's business. Some of this data is provided directly, such as when you create a Seuic account, connect a Seuic device to the Internet or a Cloud service, provide equipment for maintenance, or contact Seuic for support or to perform other services. Seuic receives some data by recording how users interact with Seuic products and services by, for example, using technologies like Cookies, receiving error reports, usage data, or location data from software running on Seuic products, or utilizing Seuic services.


The data Seuic collects depends on the products, services, and features used and can include the following:


Name and contact data. Information, including Personal Information, collected through the Sites or through other means may include name and salutation, job title, physical address, time zone, telephone number (including work or home office, mobile, and fax numbers), photograph, e-mail address, and other contact information. Seuic also collects marketing contacts and preferences (phone, email, postal mail, fax, and text messages), the name and nature of your business, language preference, and delivery and fulfillment information.

Credentials: Seuic collects information used for authentication and account access.

Usage data. Seuic collects data about how users and devices interact with Seuic products and services. For example, Seuic collects:

Product use data Seuic collects product feature use data, website activity data, performance data, product preference information, and the webpages you visit.

Device data. Seuic may collect data about a device, its operational state, configuration, past usage data, device performance data, and information on the network used to connect and use Seuic products. This includes data about the operating systems, applications, and other software installed on the device, including product keys. This also includes the Internet Protocol (IP) address, network authentication, MAC address, other device identifiers, and regional and language settings.

Error reports and performance data Seuic collects data about the performance of Seuic products and problems experienced. This data helps diagnose problems in the products, improve Seuic's products, and provide solutions. Depending on the product and settings, error reports may include data such as the type or severity of the problem, details of the software or hardware related to the error, device status, usage data, contents of data or files that were processing when an error occurred, and data about other devices, networks, or software with which the device interacts.

Support data. When Seuic is engaged for support, Seuic's contact with any data or information stored on a device will be incidental in most instances. Devices returned to Seuic for repair should be wiped of all data. Seuic will collect data about any hardware, software, and other details related to the support incident for the purpose of tracking device performance and product improvement.

Location data. Seuic may collect data about your location, which can be either precise or imprecise. Precise location data can be Global Position System (GPS) data as well as data identifying nearby cell towers and Wi-Fi hotspots that Seuic collects when location-based products or features are enabled. Imprecise location data includes, for example, a location derived from your IP address or other data that indicates the geolocation of an IP address with less precision, including latitude, longitude, city, region, country, or postal code.

Cookies. Sites may collect certain kinds of data that could encompass Personal Information during your visit, including through the use of Cookies. Cookies are small text files sent from a site to the hard drive of a user's device to store bits of information related to that user or device. Cookies can store information about the device and users, including IP addresses, navigational data, server information, data transfer times, user preferences, and passwords needed to access the special areas on Seuic Sites. Seuic uses Cookies to assist with the downloading of documents from Sites and for other business purposes, such as traffic analysis of Sites. If you choose to create a user profile, Seuic will use Cookies to store the Personal Information for your profile. Your browser may be able to be configured to block, reject, remove, or disable Cookies and other tracking technologies. However, if you reject or remove Cookies or other tracking technology, you might not be able to access certain pages or use important functions on Sites, including downloading documents and establishing a user profile.

Other Technology. Sites also use IP addresses, log files, and other technology to identify Site problems and usage. Seuic also uses Web beacons to perform standard traffic analysis on the Sites in a manner similar to how Seuic uses Cookies and to track site usage for statistical purposes. Seuic reserves the right to introduce new tracking technologies and techniques related to the use of the Sites, although Seuic will do so subject to and in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.


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V2 Date: January, 2020