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Upgrade? Cross-border? Uncover the information layout of Sinopec!

2023-06-20 10:12:43

Brief Introduction

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Sinopec) is a relatively large supplier of refined oil and petrochemical products in China, and there are also many gas stations.

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Sinopec) is a relatively large supplier of refined oil and petrochemical products in China, and there are also many gas stations. 

Upgrade, business process information transformation

At present, Sinopec has more than 30,000 gas stations nationwide, with an average of more than 20 million pit stops per day. Facing the huge business volume, in order to simplify the business process and provide more convenient services for car owners, Sinopec chose to bring in informatization methods to help the business process of its petrol stations to pass through and provide convenient services for car owners.

Considering the particularity of the gas station scene, the traditional way of refueling originally used by Sinopec requires car owners to use gas cards or cash for payment. If other non-cash payment methods are used, they must enter the convenience store in the gas station to complete;Not only that, fuel card recharge / loading, invoicing, etc. also need car owner to get off the car to complete, which is very cumbersome and inefficient for the car owner or the staff.

Therefore, in order to simplify the operation, Sinopec launched the "one-key refueling" service, mainly based on the Sinopec APP ("Sinopec fuel card handheld business hall"), allowing car owners to complete appointments for refueling and payment on mobile phones, which has greatly improved car owner‘s refueling experience. At the same time, for the oiler, only a mobile terminal device can complete a series of operations such as order review, identity verification, code scanning and cash register without fee deduction and charge operation, effectively improve the efficiency of the oiler and alleviate the queuing of gas stations during peak hours.

Keeping close to Sinopec‘s fueling, cash register requirements and energy industry equipment safety standards, Seuic Handheld Explosion-proof Intelligent Terminal stood out from more than ten bidding companies with the first place, helping China Petrochemical to carry out information transformation of business processes.

At the same time, in order to solve the problem of device management scattered at various sites, Seuic proposed an MDM device management solution to reduce the difficulty of equipment management due to human factors (cultural level, professionalism, malicious operations), and space-time reasons.

Cross-border, closely connecting demand and consumption

As early as 2008, Sinopec has explored the non-oil business, with the goal of creating a comprehensive service place that integrates refueling, breaks, catering, shopping and car maintenance. From selling only IC fuel cards and snacks, to the "Easy Coffee" launched last year, and the establishment of Sinopec‘s first store in China to join KFC, Sinopec is constantly advancing to the "gas station life scene", with its huge consumer group as a basis to quickly seize consumer hotspots.

In early 2020, Sinopec chose to quickly deploy the fresh food business, relying on its easy-to-use convenience store, China ’s largest convenience store, to provide car owners with "one-click without leaving the window "Send to the trunk" procurement service, the owner only needs to place an order on the APP, and pick up the goods at the gas station the next day with truly contactless purchasing. 

In the process of cross-border, we can see that the original business with a relatively simple and easy convenience is constantly upgrading, narrow the gap with other well-known chains in the user‘s smart shopping experience and product types, hoping to provide consumers with more flexible and convenient services. For such retail stores that are undergoing transformation, Seuic professional information-based data collection solutions can scientifically help supermarkets and convenience stores get rid of verbal demand, manual inventory, single payment methods and other inefficient management methods, improve the efficiency of in-store personnel and customer service ability.

In addition to cross-border big brother Sinopec, many traditional retail enterprises are also facing the need for information transformation. Around the store, warehousing, distribution and other links, Seuic has created a variety of professional data collection equipment and scenario application solutions for various scene needs, which can effectively help enterprises better connect consumers and optimize shopping experience.

Welcome to consult more energy industry & retail industry information construction solutions, Seuic will do everything within its power to empower your business!